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Issue 7 December 2010



In this issue we are really pleased to present to you our paper purchasing policy related to sustainable use of forest resources, to welcome Norman Yau and to Wish you all a Joyous Christmas from all at Hung Hing......

Responsible paper purchasing policy at Hung Hing


Responsible manufacturing practices have always been an important value at Hung Hing. Our success in continually working towards higher standards of employee wellbeing, sustainable resources and responsible manufacturing, are reflected in the many certifications we have achieved and work hard to maintain, so that we can provide you with the confidence you need in us as a conscientious part of your supply portfolio.

Our policy on paper and board purchasing is to source all our paper and board from third-party certified mills for FSC, PEFC and SFI* wherever possible. This means that we make every effort to ensure that our paper grades held in stock have been sourced from accredited mills. Whilst not all paper and board will carry FSC or PEFC chain of custody, they will originate from highly responsible sources through these accredited mills. There are notable exceptions to this, but they are few and most will use recycled fibre content. In light of emerging markets, Hung Hing’s paper policy will take into account the special needs of those customers.

If you do require a particular paper or certification, this must still be requested at quoting stage as per current practice, as there are premiums on certain brands and FSC materials in particular.

To compliment our responsible paper purchasing policy, we also maintain our FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody certification at both our Shenzhen and Heshan printing operations.FSCPEFC


For further details on paper accreditations:

www.sfiprogram.org www.fsc-uk.org www.pefc.co.uk



We are pleased to announce the appointment of Norman Yau as VP International Sales & Marketing for Hung Hing

Norman is joining Hung Hing following very successful leadership responsibilities with multinational companies operation in Asia - notably Avery Dennison and General Electric. He has a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and an Executive MBA from Kellog Graduate School of Business. In this role Norman will resume day-to-day responsibility for Hung Hing Offset Printing's International Sales and Marketing, including leadership to the entire sales and customer service organisation of over 100 marketing, sales and customer service staff located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Heshan.

Norman Yau


He will also provide commercial leadership to our continued implementation of an improved order management process and be responsible for delivering improvements in the total customer experience with Hung Hing, including strategy and account planning, sales enquiries, quotations and pricing and customer service.


Both Ronnie Lau (International Sales Manager) and Christopher Yum (Premium Packaging Manager) will report to Norman.

Digital Hidden Image Technology

Digital Hidden Image Technology (DHIT) is a new imaging technology that could be used on book and children's book products. It consists of two elements: images and special optical lenses that reveals an otherwise 'hidden' image to the viewer. For more information - please contact your account manager at HHUK.


Dates for your diary:


UK Office Closure


Hong Kong Public Holiday


Chinese New Year - HK HQ


Chinese New Year - Factory

12pm 24th December - 4th Jan 2010


25th/26th December & 1st Jan 2010

12th - 21st February 2010


10th - 21st February 2010


This year instead of sending Christmas cards we will be donating money to a local children's hospice - Naomi House

Naomi House




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