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Issue 4 June 2009

Welcome to Hung Hing UK!

Our endeavour has always been to bring Far East printing closer to our UK customers. As the sales office exclusively for the Hung Hing Printing Group, China, MacLehose Associates are excited to announce the launch of Hung Hing UK and our brand new web site. As well as reference for our diverse print, packaging and book manufacturing capabilities, the new site aims to help keep you informed of new technologies, print processes and finishing techniques, to assist in development of your products. Please feel free to visit us at ...

Also, in this issue... A comment from our COO, printing maps in China and our new design development department situated at our Hong Kong headquarters......

New Design Development Department

Design Department

 Hung Hing
Creating new concepts and formats
Hung Hing
Designing pop-ups, paper mechanisms and other novelties
Hung Hing
De-specs and cost re-assessment
Design Department

Please contact us at the details below for a price list.

COO David Eitemiller Comments

It has been 8 months since I stepped into the arena of Hung Hing with Matthew [Yum, CEO] and the rest of the Hung Hing team here. Without any hesitation at all, I can say it is one of the best decisions I have made during my 22 year career in Asia.

Notwithstanding the monumental changes we have all witnessed as a result of all the financial events during this same time, I consider it a tremendous privilege to be in leadership at Hung Hing and look forward to what we have ahead of us. I am impressed with the quality of the business base we have, the loyalty of the people who are on this team with us and particularly the respect and commitment we have from customers who have trusted us for years and trust us now with their print and packaging needs in challenging times. We have a great history and a truly great base upon which to move forward.

Our success will only be measured by what you see happening in our levels of service, quality and value we add to your business and I hope in future issues to be able to introduce you to some of the many initiatives we are working on to deliver that to you. We have more challenging times ahead as we navigate through the immediate economic environment, but for us it only creates an even greater opportunity to push forward with our agenda for improvement. I look forward to working with many of you as those improvements take shape and make their way to your business experience with us. Watch this space...

David R Eitemiller
Chief Operating Officer


China Updates - Map Printing

The Chinese government has recently tightened the regulations further for books and products containing maps. This includes all maps whether it is a world map, China, Europe or even illustrations of individual countries. These now need to be sent to the 'State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping' for approval before printing. This process normally takes 3-4 weeks and you should allow this in your schedule if printing in our China factories. However, we also have the option to print such products at our Hong Kong plant, which does not have the same regulations. Please check with your account manager for further details and we will keep you updated.

Dates for your diary:

Hong Kong Public Holiday


Instore Show, Olympia


Home and Gift Fair, Harrogate

1st July 2009


30th June - 1st July


19th July - 22nd July


Interested in US consumer product safety? Visit these helpful links at Hong Kong Industrialist and CPSC.


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