M&S Eco Factory / Green Manufacturing

During the past year, Hung Hing have been collaborating with M&S in order to work towards achieving Eco Factory status for the Heshan plant.  We are pleased to report that the related audit was passed in October.

The plant was audited in various environmental areas including; energy, green energy, insulation, lighting, temperature control, waste usage and reduction and water management.  Once passed, Hung Hing received the M&S Eco Factory Award and the certificate now presented is attached here.
Hung Hing’s commitment to Green Manufacturing and using resources wisely has concentrated on reviewing manufacturing processes (including advanced technology), using better, more energy efficient equipment and equipping employees to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Please see the Green Manufacturing Report which outlines Hung Hing’s Policy and the work and improvements made in resource usage.  In order to strive for continuous improvement, new projects are also outlined.  The report specifically details Energy, Green Energy, Insulation, Lighting, Temperature, Water and Waste Management with case studies and statistics provided to show the achievements made so far.  This, along with ISO14001, FSC CoC and PEFC paper certification already held and the switch to soy-based inks, illustrates Hung Hing’s environmentally focused endeavours.
The commitment to reduce energy consumption by an average of 5% per year (from 2010) to the end of 2014 is making significant progress and we will continue to keep our customers updated.  However, please do not hesitate to contact your Sales and Marketing Manager with any queries.

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