Technical News - EU TSD / EN71 part 3 (revised)

Further to the revised Standards effective as of July 2013 and applicable for children’s products (for under 14's) shipping to the EU, Hung Hing can confirm that their raw materials are compliant to the following mandatory basic requirements for relevant (and other specified) regions.  Sourced materials will be compliant when the destination and Standards / testing required from the below have been clarified by our customers.  Compliance / testing requirements need to be advised to Hung Hing to ensure that our customers then receive the specific information / reports required for their Technical Documentation Files;




Chemical related regulations for toys safety






International (Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan etc)

Chemical Safety - All materials

EN71 - Part 3 (19 elements)

ASTMF963 Heavy metals (8 elements)

CHPA Toxic element

ISO 8124  Part 3 (8 element)

Total Cadmium - All materials

EU total cadmium




Total lead - All materials





Phthalates - Plastic materials

EU (6 Phthalates)

CPSIA (6 phthalates)

in PVC ( 6 phthalates )

1 phthalates

Other toxic chemicals







Hung Hing can supply a General Certificate of Conformity upon request (along with safety certification) covering their raw materials.  Any other testing requirements for finished products or sourced materials will need to be advised to Hung Hing and costs / lead-time will be quoted as appropriate.


For more information please contact your Sales & Marketing Manager or dedicated Marketing Executive. 


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